53 minutes | Mar 7th 2018


Are you fighting or fueling the flow of progress in your life? Are you ready to generate brand new explosions of creative energy in motion? Are you ready to fuel a frequency flow that yields phenomenal results? Are you willing to move the energy inside you to initiate an upward spiral of momentum that will lead you instantly out of stagnation? Are to ready to claim sovereignty over your inner realm and world? Are you ready to be your own source of SoulFULL stimulation and eliminate boredom from your life? The first thing required to generate an instant vibrational upshift is your inspired intention and participation! It requires a selected state of willingness and an empowered decision to say yes to creating a shift! Shifts create movement; shifts create expansion AND they generate a flow of energy. That's all it takes to create a change in your life! Challenging experiences are essential elements of evolution yet pain and prolonged suffering are optional! Pain and suffering are produced when we forfeit our ability to move energy. Energy is either flowing or stagnant, and we are the only ones who can generate an upshift in frequency or a movement of energy. Upshifts are chosen. Will you join us and jump-start a flow of frequency within you? www.CariMurphy.com/radio-show www.StraightTalkfortheSoul.com
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