54 minutes | Mar 28th 2018


www.CariMurphy.com/radio-show www.StraightTalkfortheSoul.com (another uplifting community to support you!) I am dedicated to providing avenues for expanded awareness. I am dedicated to answering the grand questions of life such as “who are we?”, “why are we here?”, “what is our souls heritage and what did we come to contribute to this planet?” I am committed to creating global communities for the purpose of supporting those who are ready and willing to live consciously for the purpose of creating personal and planetary change. It’s time to broaden the spectrum of information available to us and therefore it is my greatest intention to provide the most progressive insights that will assist us on our journeys. Today's show carries the intention to ignite your cosmic consciousness! We are made us stardust! We are pioneers dwelling in this phenomenal Milky Way Galaxy evolving in consciousness on a rapidly shifting planet. There are not only planetary themes and cycles being played out, but Cosmic, Galactic and Universal themes AND cycles playing out. Our individual and collective timelines are created through our conscious or unconscious response to these planetary and galactic cycles and themes – AND THE KEY IS BECOMING CONSCIOUS! The story of our soul is vast and it is a microcosm of the macrocosm. We are alive at this time to regain our cosmic memories because we’re no longer in a dissension cycle--- which we were in for a long long time on this planet! We got really caught up in a dissension of frequency when we were so lost in ego, polarity separation, fear and war. Now we are in an Ascension cycle; an ascension of energy and upward spiraling of frequency that occurs when we realize our eternal nature --- our divine nature --- our cosmic heritage -- when we live from our hearts rather than our egos --- when we balance the masculine and feminine energies and we realize more of our innate divine potential. At this time in earths history, we have a tremendous amount of cosmic support to assist us in really utilizing this grand opportunity to ascend in consciousness. Join me today to expand your consciousness and realize your brilliant connection to the cosmos and open up to receive the universal love and support that is available to you NOW.
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