56 minutes | Jun 27th 2018

Are YOU committed to YOU? The Significance of Self-Care for the SOUL! 06/27/30

You deserve to make YOURSELF a priority beginning NOW. Your divinely designed role as a being of LIGHT in physical form is to claim responsibility for your focus, your creations, your radiance, your energy field, and your dedication to nurturing yourself with love in each moment. It's not only a role you select, it is a GIFT you offer yourself in this ever-evolving, ever-expanding journey of evolution. It is entirely up to us to choose to live from the heart space and give ourselves the immense love, compassion, tenderness, respect, kindness, and care that we are so worthy and deserving of! WE DON'T HAVE TO EARN THE RIGHT to give ourselves this high level of self honor and attention. It is our birthright. NOW is the time to lightIN your energetic load! It's time to shift from fear, doubt, self-judgment, lack and limitation into LIGHT. It's time to commit to YOU fully. No more compromising your personal power. No more putting yourself last. No more disregarding your intuition. No more suppressing your voice. It's time to live in a self created world of abundance, vitality, beauty and magic. It's time to allow and receive the love, support, inspiration, and prosperity you deserve. Its' time to live with a childlike sense of wonder! It's time to fully open your heart and appreciate the vibrancy, radiance, and perfection withIN you and therefore around you. As you embrace it withIN, you will naturally see it reflected in your external world. Will YOU say “YES!” to optimal self care, beginning today? Will you say “YES!” to treating yourself with more kindness, compassion, softness, lightness and love than ever before? Join me on the show and allow the collective response of “YES!” from our cosmic listening family to further amplify and strengthen YOUR capacity to commit to the greatest expression of YOUR light! Allow the collective energy to support your renewed commitment to supreme self honor and care. Your soul will be everjoyed! YOU DESERVE THIS. SAY "YES!" TO YOU. www.CariMurphy.com
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