2 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

Ep 66: Don't be a Recruiters’ Nightmare

Following up with executive recruiters and participating actively on their preparations for you is very important. Don’t go radio silent even when a company goes dark on them or you!In this week’s episode, Jonathan and executive search professional Mark Gambirasi discuss some vital insights on this subject matter.Mark Gambirasi is the CEO and Founder of Andiamo! Group - a leading executive search firm for finding talent for disruptive technologies based in San Francisco Bay Area. He’s been in business for 19 years, placing Sales, Marketing, Product, and Engineering Talent in the US with venture/angel-backed technology start-ups and always in hyper-growth mode!  You can reach him at mark@andiamo-group.com.Be sure to subscribe to The Career Transition Experts so you don't miss our upcoming episodes including Mark Gambirasi’s full interview!Thank you for listening to The Career Transition Experts! Be sure to download your free Career Preparation Checklist and check out the Resume Building Resources to help you optimize and accelerate your job search.
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