2 minutes | Mar 12, 2021

Ep 57: Veteran Ready VS. Veteran Prepared

Veterans bring an incredible brand of leadership and perspective to a company; many organizations today want to hire veterans, but they often don’t understand the unique skills that are brought to the table. Because of this, vets may be placed in the wrong position, leading to a high turnover rate.By taking the time to be Veteran Prepared - to understand the skills veterans bring and by making some simple culture changes - companies can find the right spot for vets the first time around. This allows for faster growth as well as time, money, and effort saved! Listen in to learn more!Be sure to subscribe to The Career Transition Experts so you don't miss our upcoming episodes including Eric Horton’s full interview!Eric Horton is a Military Transitioning Specialist with over 20 years of military experience and over 85% success rate in coaching military veterans to transfer their skills from the military training to perform as leaders in a variety of industries. His previous military experience covered a multi-dimensional array of strategies, logistics, tactical planning, and process mapping to accomplish the mission. You can reach him at eric@transitionhacker.orgThank you for listening to The Career Transition Experts! Be sure to download your free Resume Preparation Checklist and check out the Resume Building Resources to help you optimize and accelerate your job search.
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