24 minutes | Feb 19, 2021

Ep 52: Career Strategies in Action - with Jamie Schorr

The job market has changed dramatically in the past year - but so has the process for finding a new job. It’s essential to take advantage of the new tactics.

On today’s episode, sales recruiting expert Jamie Schorr joins Jonathan to discuss these new processes as well as several actionable strategies to help you find success in your career transition!

Jamie will also share how important it is to partner with a recruiter or recruiting company and how proper marketing can help you get ahead in your career!

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Jamie Schorr has been a Headhunter for top Sales Leadership Talents for 20 years from Cleveland Ohio. He is the President of Cezanne Recruiting LLC, a company that specializes in being a top resource for hiring and job-seeking needs of various companies. You can reach him at jschorr@cezres.com.

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