38 minutes | Nov 12, 2018

CHP044: Discover Your Personal Brand and Own It!! A Conversation with Anne Sugar

Listen and subscribe on iTunes | Spotify| Stitcher | Google Play | PlayerFM | iHeart RadioAnne Sugar is an executive coach for Harvard Business School Executive Education and has guest lectured at MIT. She has served as a senior leader in the advertising industry, a media planning manager for Fortune 500 clients, and draws on her extensive management experience to advise senior executives and high performers transitioning into leadership roles.Questions we'll tackle today:You've made a significant career change that was likely a difficult decision to make. How did you build up the confidence to take the leap, and how did you know it was the right decision to make?I would like to start off talking about branding. As a marketing and advertising leader, I’m sure you’ve tried your fair share of branding tactics. When you’re setting out to determine what a company or individual’s brand should represent, what is the thought process behind forming a brand that fits?How to effectively network?How does one start to develop their own career strategy, and what are characteristics of a strong strategy?How can folks generally stand out from the crowd at the workplace?What skills or expertise separates executives from other ranks? what unique abilities do they have?    is it more than just being very good at what they're being measured on?For those that are looking to get promoted, are there certain skills or tactics you would recommend for them to focus on?I know many large organizations have structured feedback systems. Do you feel these are effective, or should folks be doing more?How to connect with Anne:AnneSugar.comAnne on LinkedInRebecca's Work on Harvard Business Review
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