41 minutes | Oct 29, 2018

CHP042: Expert Advice From The Career Growth Guru: Rebecca Zucker

Join us as we explore how the super successful leverage peer feedback to accelerate their career growth!Listen and subscribe on iTunes | Spotify| Stitcher | Google Play | PlayerFM | iHeart RadioRebecca Zucker is an executive coach, expert in leadership and career development, partner at Next Step Partners, and contributor at Harvard Business Review.As an expert in executive coaching as well as leadership and career development, Rebecca has coached leaders across the globe, from high-potential managers to C-level executives. Rebecca’s client list is extensive and includes professionals from the likes of Apple, Bain & Company, and Google. She has conducted hundreds of workshops on leadership and career development and is frequently quoted in the press on career and leadership issues.Questions we'll tackle today:How would you define career strategy?What is a common opportunity that many folks neglect in their careers?How does one start to develop their own career strategy, and what are characteristics of a strong strategy?How can folks generally stand out from the crowd at the workplace?Are there common areas in which your clients have an opportunity for improvement?Why are folks generally resistant to being adaptive in the workplace?How does being adaptive help one in their career?Let's touch on the importance of giving and receiving feedback. Do you feel this is a valuable tool that many folks neglect to leverage?I know many large organizations have structured feedback systems. Do you feel these are effective, or should folks be doing more?How should one give feedback appropriately?How can folks fight the anxiety of asking others for feedback?How to connect with Rebecca:Her Company: Next Step PartnersRebecca's Work on Havard Business Review
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