50 minutes | Oct 15, 2018

CHP040: Accelerate Your Growth By Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone. Emilie Aries from Bossed Up

 Listen and subscribe on iTunes | Spotify| Stitcher | Google Play | PlayerFM | iHeart RadioEmilie Aries is a nationally recognized speaker, writer, and podcaster, and the Founder and CEO of Bossed Up, an innovative personal and professional training organization that helps women craft sustainable careers while prioritizing their overall wellness. She has helped hundreds navigate career transition and prevent burnout. Her TED talk, “The Power of No,” shows how to set healthy boundaries and invest in sustainable long-term achievement. Her forthcoming book, Bossed Up, will be published in 2019 and will help women step up as the BOSS of their life and assertively design a sustainable career path. Today, she continues to combine her political instincts and personal experience with burnout to help women step into their power and be the boss of their lives.Questions we'll tackle today:How to avoid being another resume that gets tossed in the pileFor those that are struggling to get interviews, how can individuals stand out from the crowd and gain more attention?One of the areas I want to focus on with you today is effective communication. Why do you believe this is such an imperative skill?What are unique challenges that women face that can hold them back in their career?How can women balance the line between being assertive and coming across as “bossy” (while still fighting for yourself)?What are common ways in which people can self-diagnose their own opportunities for improvement?How does emotional intelligence play in effective communication?Confidence is also key. How do you help your clients boost their confidence?We've both worked with clients who feel like their being trampled on in the jobs. How do you personally help these folks dust themselves off and reassert themselves?What does being Bossed Up mean to you?How do you define a sustainable career, and how can folks out there create one for themselves?How to connect with Emilie:Bossedup.org  (Join the Courage Community!)InstagramTwitterFacebook
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