35 minutes | Oct 1, 2018

CHP038: How To Take Control of Your Career and Create The Future of Your Dreams

Listen and subscribe on iTunes | Spotify| Stitcher | Google Play | PlayerFM | iHeart Radio“Your career doesn't happen to you, it happens as a result of the things that you do.” – Chris CastilloIn today’s episode, we have an awesome conversation with our guest Chris Castillo.Chris is the founder of Empowered Achievers, a career coaching and development company focused on helping ambitious women craft careers that they love.  Originally coming from the corporate advertising industry where she worked on clients like Google, YouTube, and Expedia, she traded in the agency life for the world of talent development and culture. She transformed her own career into something she loved, and is passionate about getting rid of the “Sunday Scaries” for each one of her clients, too.Questions We'll tackle today:How do you define career ownership?What can folks start doing to start taking control of their journey?What do they need to know about themselves ahead of time?What do you believe makes a career fulfilling?How can our listeners out there determine their purpose?How would you define a successful career?Is a career that aligns with your purpose and is building a future you can be proud of sufficient for lifelong fulfillment?Do you find that most folks need to quit their jobs in order to find a better fit?What can folks do at the office to distinguish themselves?Since you work specifically with millennials who could have as much as 35 or 40 years left in their careers, how do you recommend they stay fresh throughout the journey?The career landscape is changing faster than ever and will look very different within our lifetime. What skills should folks be focusing on to stay relevant in the decades to come?What is a common roadblock that your clients face?
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