51 minutes | Sep 24, 2018

CHP037: What is blockchain, and why should it matter to you? The future of careers, today.

Listen and subscribe on iTunes | Spotify| Stitcher | Google Play | PlayerFM | iHeart RadioWhat is blockchain, and why should it matter to you?In today’s episode, we welcome our guests Joseph Snyder and Chris Brown – the brothers and founders of Lannister Holdings – a recently – publicly traded company that is bringing many lagging companies into the modern age with blockchain technology.This episode is the most cutting-edge discussion we’ve had to date on the Career Hacking Podcast, and will drastically upgrade how you see the world and will better prepare you for a lifetime of success in today’s rapidly changing world. So much of what we take for granted in business is changing, and the skills you need to navigate toward success are shifting as well. Take a listen to our conversation and take the time to evaluate how you’re keeping up with the times, and how you will continue to re-invent yourself throughout your career.Questions We'll tackle today:What is blockchain and why is it a big deal?Will you give an example or industries besides money/cryptocurrency that will be highly disrupted?Is blockchain just a fad, or here to stay?How can our listeners take advantage of accelerating technical changes?How do you see the career landscape changing?How can individuals stay competitive in the workplace and future-proof their careers?  (Knowing that not everyone can/will get involved in blockchain)Do you feel our education system is equipping graduates with sufficient tech literacy?What are the most important skills to learn/ master in the changing workplace?Which careers do you see fading away, and which are growing/ thriving?Do you have any idea of the timeline for these changes to start making noticeable impacts?
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