30 minutes | Sep 14, 2017

Blogger and aspiring Pre-PT student Christy "Sunlight in Winter" shares her story on the patient experience as an individual living with chronic pain and central sensitization

In this episode, blogger and aspiring Pre-PT student Christy "Sunlight in Winter" shares her personal story of frustrations as a patient "nicely and politely" deemed crazy by healthcare professionals until fortunately meeting a Physical Therapist explain to her about central sensitization. Since then, she has searched for answers, especially from the work of experts on chronic pain, including Canadian physiotherapist Neil Pearson. Hopefully this is the first of many inspiring individuals sharing the stories that need to be heard, most notably by healthcare professionals. Enjoy! Also, please check out Christy's blog linked down below (or don't to be polite :D and respect how deeply personal she was willing to share)!   Join the Capable Body Community Facebook public group to connect with your host and the guests! Interested in joining the show as a guest? Reach out via the email address below to share your story! thecapablebodypodcast@gmail.com   If you want to find more about Sunlight in Winter, below are more ways to find her on social media. Website: https://sunlightinwinter.com/ Facebook: @sunlightinwinter  
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