42 minutes | Feb 24th 2021

From a Certain Point of You: Is the Dark Side Stronger?

In honor of our 10th anniversary, the Cantina Cast presents, “From A Certain Point of YOU”. This limited bonus show showcases our most supportive and dedicated listeners, subscribers, and followers by inviting them onto the show to discuss a topic of their choice! In this episode we welcome our first guest, @JWEngelhardt, to discuss the question, “Is the Dark Side stronger?”   Main Show Is the Dark Side Stronger? Per Yoda it is not, however, it is quicker, stronger, and more seductive. In this episode we hope to shed some light that both proves and disproves it's more powerful strength.  The Power Dynamics of Star Wars Force abilities Forces  Tech and weaponry   The Dark Side Price Physical Corruption and Appearance Relationships  Social and Emotional   Stronger Forces Prevail Why do the good guys win? Family, love, friendship, and self-beliefs   Feedback and Promotion: Send feedback and comments to cantinacastfanmail@gmail.com Follow us on Twitter @TheCantinaCast Like us on Facebook: The Cantina Cast Follow us on Instagram: The Cantina Cast Follow us on Tumblr: Cantina Cast Subscribe on YouTube: Cantina Cast Discord Channel: Cantina Cast Channel Ear Glue Media: Web Site Pandora Link: Pandora Call or Text the Cantina Cast: 803-717-CAST Ear Glue Media YouTube: EGM Support the show: Cantina Cast Patreon page TeePublic Store
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