22 minutes | Mar 3, 2021

The Cannabis Podcast: Brian Adbe of Gandy Smoke Shop

Ian is joined by Brian Adbe of Gandy Smoke Shop in this edition of The Cannabis Podcast to discuss his business, CBD, Delta-8, and much more. Thanks for listening to this episode and be sure to check out this episode sponsor, The Terp Pen XL. The Terp Pen XL is an electronic nectar collector that runs on a rechargeable battery, allowing a cordless and hassle-free dabbing experience. Simply breathe in to activate, apply the tip to your favorite THC/CBD concentrate, and enjoy! Go to www.TerpPenXL.com for 10% off using the discount code CannabisPod at checkout. If you have a question for a future episode, leave your question below or send an email to Ian (IanBeckles@RadioInfluence.com). Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Google Play, and now on Spotify. Follow Ian on Twitter @IanBeckles and Instagram @Ian_Beckles The post The Cannabis Podcast: Brian Adbe of Gandy Smoke Shop appeared first on Radio Influence.
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