29 minutes | Oct 27th 2020

Under The Hood Of The World's Cheapest Pot ETF With Cambria's Meb Faber (TOKE)

Today's guest is the co-founder, CEO and CIO of Cambria Investment Management, Meb Faber. He has authored numerous white papers and books on factor-based portfolio construction and favors value- and momentum-tilted strategies in Cambria's 12 ETFs, as well as in the firm's separately managed accounts. The Cambria Cannabis ETF (TOKE) is currently Cambria's only foray into thematic investing - which says a lot about Faber's strong belief in the Cannabis sector's long-term prospects. At 42 basis points, TOKE is the cheapest way to gain exposure to the growing Cannabis sector. Is it also the best?

Show Notes

  • 1:45 - Covid-19 and Meb's work/life balance
  • 5:45 - Why Meb decided to start his own ETF firm; General philosophy on launching ETFs
  • 11:15 - Given how saturated the Cannabis fund space is, why make that Cambria's first thematic ETF?
  • 18:30 - As a value guy, are Cannabis sector valuations currently reasonable?
  • 24:00 - How important is U.S. federal legalization to the long case for cannabis stocks?

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