45 minutes | Sep 9, 2019

Episode 13: Minors in Kink part 1

This is a potentially triggering episode for many people (Misty & Lace included) but it is so important and is a highly debated/relevant topic in our community. What can we do about minors in kink? Please be aware that Misty/Lace giggles and jokes are not to make light of the conversation, it's just our way of coping. We understand that people get into kink before they should - we were part of that. But we want to keep our community safe and children safe and continue to destigmatise safe age play/CG/l. Let's have a conversation. So many trigger warnings ya'll. Instagram Twitter TumblrEmail Support us through Kofi Don't forget to subscribe to us whereever you listen so you can stay up to date with the podcast. Thanks so much for listening Candy Crew!
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