64 minutes | Sep 16, 2021

Tareq Hadhad & Houssam Alloum

This week, Diana and Steve chat with a brand new Canadian citizen, who is also a motivational speaker, author and the CEO/founder of Peace by Chocolate… Tareq Hadhad! Tareq tells the story of how his family’s home and chocolate factory in Damascus was destroyed during the Syrian war, forcing them to live in a refugee camp for years before being welcomed into the small Nova Scotian community of Antigonish where they rebuilt their chocolate business, ‘Peace by Chocolate.’

Tareq introduces us to another new Canadian, Syrian artist Houssam Alloum. Houssam spent over 400 hours drawing a portrait of Tareq’s father holding a chocolate bar with the word ‘peace’ in Arabic. Houssam explains his style of ‘hyper realistic’ art, why he chooses to show his life experiences through his artwork and how art can bring awareness to important causes like eradicating gun violence against children.

To learn more about Tareq and his new book, ‘PEACE BY CHOCOLATE BOOK: THE HADHAD FAMILY'S REMARKABLE JOURNEY FROM SYRIA TO CANADA,’ check out his website at www.tareqhadhad.com.

And if you’d like to order their delicious chocolate online, be sure to go to www.peacebychocolate.ca

You can also follow both Tareq and Peace by Chocolate on the socials here: @TareqHadhad  @Peacebychoco on Twitter and @TareqHadhad and ​​@PeaceByChocolate on Instagram 

To learn more about Houssam Alloum and his work, be sure to check out his website: https://www.houssamalloum.com and follow him on Instagram @houssamalloum. 

HOST: Steve Patterson

PRODUCER & CO-HOST: Diana Frances

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