60 minutes | Jul 15, 2021

Silken Laumann & Arissa Roy

This week, Steve and Diana chat with none other than Olympic legend, Silken Laumann. Not only did Silken overcome a near career-ending injury to go on to win an Olympic medal, but her memoir ‘Unsinkable’ has helped demystify issues around mental health and spawned her new non-profit, ‘We Are Unsinkable.’

Find out the story behind her incredibly unique name, how opening up about her own mental health issues has inspired others and how she stacks up against Diana when it comes to speed-typing.

Silken shares the spotlight with 15-year-old youth activist Arissa Roy, who is not only an ambassador for ‘We Are Unsinkable,’ but she has started ‘Project Power Global’ which fights for access for education to alleviate poverty.

To learn more about Silken Laumann and the work of 'We Are Unsinkable' check out:


Twitter @Unsinkable Instagram @unsinkablestories

And to learn more about the work Arissa Roy is doing, check out:


Twitter: @itsarissaroy Instagram: @arissa_roy

HOST: Steve Patterson

PRODUCER & CO-HOST: Diana Frances

TECHNICAL PRODUCER: Donovan Deschner from Fracture A Femur Productions

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