33 minutes | Feb 17th 2021

EP 83 Implement Your Clarity - Camden & Otis

ClarityDistinguishing between what is inside your control and outside your controlReflection - put each day up for reviewPersonal clarity provides the framework for a confident futureWhat happens when you focus on what is outside your controlWhat happens when you focus on what is inside your controlNuanceUnderstanding what is outside your control, and what effect these things have on you (the real effect, not the perceived effect)Understanding how far your control goes and what influence you have on things outside of your control (social multiplier effect [power of a tribe])How much control do we really haveClarity IIProcessSelf awarenessMindfulnessReflectionVision for the futureWho do you want to beWhat does that look like on a daily basisWhat does this future version of yourself do and not doSecret life of the CEO FreakonomicsBegin moving towards your goal
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