13 minutes | Oct 10th 2019

How To Get More Done By Using Checklists (Ft Peyton Zipoy)

I enjoy using checklists to get things done. I didn't always use them but have found that I tend to get more accomplished when I write tasks down and check them off as they are completed. My brain feels the positive reinforcement of checking off a "to-do" from a list and it is nice. Peyton Zipoy is a friend of mine that is MUCH more organized than me and has taught me good organizational skills. In this clip, she taught me helpful ways to use checklists. I didn't realize how much strategy went into an effective checklist, but it makes sense after she explained it. See the full episode on focusing with Peyton here: https://www.calvinkeeney.com/chat-009-how-to-stay-focused-and-get-more-done-with-peyton-zipoy/
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