23 minutes | May 19, 2019


When I think about cannabis and psychedelic testing and the people that think that it’s so bad, I think about the 1940’s interrogation room with the monkey and the scientist with the lab coat and the army general standing there in control of the total amount of technology that could fit into your 11th grade sons calculator 20x in 2019. Everyone Who says this is bad has no science to show it. Yes it affects brain development, but who says that’s a negative thing? We need scientific testing behind these substances that has no limits. We need to be able to have controlled environments with professionals who can administer these medicines, and we talk about in this episode how negative Trips can bring you to healing your mind and lead to positivity. This is something that could change our society for the better. We should not be remaining under the rock that is fearful towards these medicines. There are people who will willingly test these on themselves for science we just need to lead the charge and collect the data. Data is leading to a decrease in addiction especially in children as information becomes more readily available on the Internet. If we continue to take this a step further for the adult world we will be able to create a society in which people can truly interact with their own consciousness. It’s so important to understand the correct dosing needed to get these effects. This can be done relatively easily in controlled scientific environments. This episode talks about how science will lead to the decrease in drug addictions and societal problems stemming from it. It’s incredibly important to either have an open mind in 2019 or the will to be able to do the research yourself because it’s all available at the highest level of education. I hope you enjoy this episode. - Crazy Cannabis Conspiracist --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
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