44 minutes | Sep 21st 2020

EP 120 An Uncomfortable Conversation About The Reality of Hunting Culture

This episode of the By Land Podcast might get uncomfortable for hunters because I’m going to take a very hard and very uncomfortable look at the reality of what hunting culture actually is in 2020. This is not a topic that I take lightly. I’ve been sorting this out in my head for a long time now and thought it was time to put this out to listeners for them to consider as well.

This episode is a sort of thought experiment. We’ll dive into a number of questions regarding my own realities when it comes to hunting and what it is and isn’t, explore a hypothetical question of how long it would take for hunting ethics to breakdown, and lastly what this means for hunting in the future if my assumptions are correct.

This was not an easy episode to put together and I expect it will not be easy to listen to for some hunters out there who believe that their own version of hunting is the REAL version of hunting.

I’ll also dive into my concerns on whether or not echo chambers exist within minority factions of hunting communities and how that may be damaging to the future of hunting as a whole if left unaddressed.

Episode 120 a loaded one and for those who decide to stick around, I hope it sparks conversation within your own small social circles so that we as a collective can begin to find solutions to the harsh reality of modern hunting culture.

By Land,

Emory R. Wanger

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Show Notes and Links


The questions I’ve asked myself about hunting culture

Definition of “echo chamber”

What is the reality of what hunting culture is?

What is the future of hunting?

How many hunters do the right thing?

My experiences with others’ bad ethics

Who’s the real majority?

Is “what hunting is and isn’t” just a big echo chamber?

My thought experiment on human nature

Change comes from a desire to change

What is the future of hunting?

What is the reality of hunting?

What happens if hunting is voted out of existence

The attempt of the industry to change the narrative of what hunting is and isn’t

The hunting narrative isn’t working

Analyzing the kill shot

Final thoughts