74 minutes | Sep 14th 2020

EP 119 Being Bad At Something Is Good For You with Mark Huelsing

Mark Huelsing is a Dad, Husband, hunter, and just so happens to work at Exo Mountain Gear, however, on this episode of The By Land Podcast, we go in a bit of a different direction. No gear talk and no hunting stories (ok..maybe one). I’ve always appreciated Mark’s insight that goes beyond the generic gear talk. Anytime I need an outside opinion on something, he’s ready and willing to offer a thoughtful perspective.

I reached out to Mark and asked if he’d want to come on the show to chat. He initially told me he probably didn’t have anything important to talk about, but after shooting me a few things he’d been thinking about lately, we set a time and made it happen.

This is NOT a gear episode. Instead, this is more of a conversation you’d have at the end of a long day on the trail or hunt while sitting around a campfire. We cover everything from why it’s good for you to be bad at something, the feeling of needing to be productive with your time in the outdoors while also wanting to relax, and the realization that some of us might not ever be the worlds greatest hunter.

If you’re in the mood for a conversation that explores more than just gear and stories, this is the one for you. I’m incredibly grateful Mark was willing to open up about these topics and I’d encourage each of you listening to do the same. Ask yourself the hard questions and see what comes of it.

By Land,

Emory R. Wanger

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Show Notes and Links

Introduction to Mark

Where Mark gets his enjoyment from him early morning training

Thoughts on the crux of need to feel “productive” in the woods when away from family

How hunting creates participation with nature

The contrast created by wanting to be relaxed in the field AND productive

Learning to allow your mind to run with it when you’re in the field

Where Mark’s outdoor story begins

The benefits of sucking at something

Marks conscious decision to NOT be an amazing hunter in favor of spending more time with family (and being okay with it)

The desire to have story and process over result

The “pressure” in the industry to outperform everyone

Being honest about what you’re willing to sacrifice for

Taking advantage of opportunities when you have them

How to followup with Mark