28 minutes | Apr 20, 2021

Working with Retailers to Maximize Your Direct-to-Consumer Sales on Amazon

Victor Elmann is the Vice President of Vendor Management at Circuit City, a consumer electronics retailer. In this role, Victor leads the team responsible for vendor relationship management, negotiations, product management, and customer experience.

Prior to joining Circuit City, Victor was the Director of e-Commerce at Omnicom and the Director of SMB Merchandising at Gogotech. With years of experience in merchandising, buying, and e-commerce, he is an expert at digital strategy and marketing.

In this episode…

With the rapid growth of e-commerce, it’s becoming more and more important for sellers to have a presence across multiple channels. To do this successfully, they must understand their customers' buying behaviors and build consistent customer relationships in every marketplace.

However, for brand owners who are just starting out, it can be difficult to manage customer support across multiple e-commerce channels. That’s why Victor Elmann and his team at Circuit City represent these sellers on Amazon and other marketplaces. By giving them the support of an established retailer, Victor and his team help sellers provide a better customer experience and successfully grow their businesses. 

In this episode of the Buy Box Experts podcast, James Thomson is joined by Victor Elmann, the Vice President of Vendor Management at Circuit City, to talk about the benefits of working with an established retailer to maximize your direct-to-consumer sales. Victor talks about optimizing your brand on and off of Amazon, how to build successful sourcing partnerships, and the importance of creating a consistent customer experience across multiple channels. Stay tuned.

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