42 minutes | May 4, 2021

Why FBA Private Label Sellers Should Exit Now Versus 6-12 Months in the Future

Nick Tuzenko is the Founder and Managing Director of Accel Club, a firm that acquires Amazon FBA businesses. With expertise in e-commerce, technology, and M&A, the team at Accel Club is disrupting the FBA industry and boosting brands to the next level.

Before founding Accel Club, Nick served as the Managing Director of Busfor, a company that streamlined the bus transportation industry by developing technological solutions to connect bus operators and carriers with travelers.

In this episode…

For FBA private label brands looking to sell their businesses, it can be difficult to know where or when to start in order to achieve the most profitable exit. Because of this, many brands choose to wait six to 12 months to put their business on the market with the hope that the value of their brand will increase.

However, this may not be the best strategy for current sellers. According to Nick Tuzenko, there are some timely factors that these brands should consider first. As Nick says, these include the current high demand for FBA businesses, the uncertain economic future, and any possible shifts that could change the market. So, what is Nick’s advice to current private label brands who are thinking about making a sale?

Nick Tuzenko, the Founder and Managing Director of Accel Club, joins James Thomson on this episode of the Buy Box Experts podcast to explain why FBA private label brands should sell their businesses right now. Nick discusses how he evaluates brands looking to sell, the various ways his company helps brands with sourcing, and his predictions for the future of the FBA space. Stay tuned.

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