39 minutes | Jul 13, 2021

The Value of Systemizing Your Private Label Brand When Preparing for an Exit

Norm Farrar, also known by his nickname, “The Beard Guy,” is the Co-founder of the Centurion League, a mastermind group for Amazon-centric private label sellers. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and e-commerce expert who is passionate about helping business owners create a strong support network and achieve their highest potential. Norm is also the host of the Lunch with Norm podcast, as well as the President of HONU Worldwide, the Co-founder of AMZ and Beyond, and the CEO of prReach. In this episode… Investing in the right operating procedures and systems is very important if you’re hoping to sell your private label business down the road. This is because these factors make brands much more attractive to investors and FBA aggregators looking to invest in profitable businesses. This is what Norm Farrar and the members of his Centurion League mastermind group have learned from their experiences selling and exiting businesses on Amazon. They have also learned the importance of staying on top of your competitors, diversifying your product lines, and identifying the right time to sell your business. Today, Norm is here to discuss these valuable takeaways and many more.  Norm Farrar, the Co-founder of the Centurion League, joins James Thomson in this episode of the Buy Box Experts podcast to discuss the importance of investing in your operating procedures and systems when preparing for an exit. Together, they talk about the main concerns of current mastermind members, how to make your business more attractive to investors, and the best ways to build a successful brand on Amazon. Stay tuned.
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