40 minutes | Jul 27, 2021

The Benefits of Joining Amazon Seller Mastermind Groups

Ian Sells is the Founder and CEO of Million Dollar Sellers (MDS), a network of entrepreneurs with specific e-commerce knowledge and verified annual revenue of over $1 million. With more than 400 members, MDS represents over $4 billion a year in sales, much of it through the Amazon Marketplace. Ian is also the CMO of Elite Seller, an all-in-one Amazon seller software suite, and the CEO of RebateKey, a rebate and coupon site that helps savvy online shoppers save hundreds of dollars a month. In this episode… What is one of the best decisions that entrepreneurs can make when building a business on Amazon? According to Ian Sells, it is to join a mastermind group that gives business owners a place to share their knowledge and ideas. Through such groups, entrepreneurs can learn what works — and what doesn't — when growing an Amazon business and preparing for a successful exit. Many members of Ian's mastermind have successfully sold and exited their businesses. As he says, they have learned that brand owners can effectively negotiate with FBA aggregators about an offer. They have also learned that timing is critical when selling an e-commerce business. Now, Ian is here to discuss these valuable lessons and share his advice for current Amazon sellers looking to exit their businesses. Ian Sells, the Founder and CEO of Million Dollar Sellers (MDS), joins James Thomson on this episode of the Buy Box Experts podcast to discuss the value of joining an Amazon seller mastermind group. Ian explains how members who have sold and exited their businesses can effectively help new entrepreneurs prepare for successful exits. He also talks about the benefits of creating and documenting standard operating procedures and negotiating with aggregators for better offers. Stay tuned.
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