40 minutes | Jun 29, 2021

How to Build Brand Loyalty with Amazon Customers

Brandon Young is the Head of the Inner Circle Mastermind for private label brands leveraging the Amazon channel. He also runs Seller Systems, a mastery training company for entrepreneurs, brand owners, and brand managers. At Seller Systems, Brandon and his team teach sellers how to research, start, and scale their Amazon e-commerce businesses. Brandon began selling on Amazon in 2015, starting with arbitrage and reselling. Seeking a more scalable business model, he pivoted to wholesale and private label, and in June 2016, he launched his first private label products. Less than five years later, Brandon has scaled the business to multiple brands and eight figures in annual revenue. In this episode… When it comes to shopping on Amazon, many customers don’t care very much about brand loyalty. Typically, they buy whichever products best meet their needs. For this reason, it’s important for private label brand owners to implement strategies that help them build loyalty and generate repeat customers. With more FBA aggregators showing interest in private label businesses, sellers are starting to spend more time on their branding. As Brandon Young says, one of the best ways to create a brand that boosts customer loyalty is to focus on building relationships with customers after a purchase. So, what are Brandon’s strategies for effectively engaging with customers and generating brand loyalty for your private label business? In this episode of the Buy Box Experts podcast, James Thomson is joined by Brandon Young, the Founder of Seller Systems and Head of the Inner Circle Mastermind, to talk about preparing a business for sale and building brand loyalty on and off of Amazon. Brandon explains how to re-engage with customers after their first purchase, the importance of encouraging repeat sales, and why brand owners should know who they’re selling to. Stay tuned.
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