36 minutes | Mar 16, 2021

How Do You Use Amazon as a Sales Channel…Even When You Don't Want To?

John Merris is the President and CEO of Solo Stove, a company that specializes in ultra-efficient wood-burning camp stoves, fire pits, and grills. John and his team at Solo Stove design simple, ingenious outdoor products to help customers create good moments that become lasting memories.

Prior to Solo Stove, John worked at a number of product companies in senior financial, operational, and business development roles. He is an expert in sales, revenue acceleration, change management, and product development.

In this episode…

One of the reasons many e-commerce brand owners refuse to join Amazon is to avoid hurting their brand. However, according to John Merris, there are some tried-and-true strategies for selling on the marketplace that will protect your brand both on and off of Amazon.

As John says, one of these methods is providing a great—and consistent—experience to both Amazon and non-Amazon customers. This means that important elements of your brand, such as pricing, messaging, and unboxing, should remain the same on every channel. By putting the customer experience first every time, you can successfully boost the credibility, revenue, and reach of your brand.

In this week's episode of the Buy Box Experts podcast, John Merris, the President and CEO of Solo Stove, joins James Thomson to talk about the strategies brands can use to protect themselves when selling both on and off of Amazon. John explains how his brand positions itself on the Amazon marketplace, what he does to ensure consistent messaging across different channels, and his future plans for Solo Stove. Stay tuned.

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