53 minutes | Nov 28, 2016

Practical Typographic Advice and Building an Education Business Alongside a Design Firm with Michael Stinson

Michael Stinson is a veteran designer, educator, and business owner. In addition to his work as a professor of graphic design, he also runs Ramp Creative, a branding studio in Los Angeles, as well as Type Ed, a dedicated typographic education business which helps creative pros return to form in the fields of typesetting and layout. Together in this conversation we unravel some of today’s worst typographic habits, and how to overcome them, share a few tips that all creatives can use to improve their type usage, and discuss some processes for working with clients. Catch up with Michael on his website, MichaelStinson.com, or through Type Ed.              Get The Episode Download The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 97  Download The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 97  Subscribe to Get New Episodes     Subscribe to The Busy Creator Podcast on iTunes, on Google Play Music, on Android, on iHeart Sponsor Freedcamp, the finest free online project management software Bandwidth for The Busy Creator Podcast is provided by Freedcamp, Group Efforts Made Effortless. Freedcamp is best free online project management software available. By using the built-in functions and additional tools like time tracking, invoices, milestones, file storage, and more, teams can customise the software for the task at hand! The Busy Creator Podcast itself is managed and operated on Freedcamp. Get started for free on Freedcamp.com Show Notes & Links Michael is the first person from Los Angeles to join The Busy Creator Podcast Ramp Creative handles a lot of variety — digital, print, mobile Type Ed is an Education Organization, founded 2012 UI/UX design has eroded traditional type study High School scribbles are largely typography Michael was taught both ends of the type spectrum — hand lettering and typesetting "I'm not training you to be designers; I'm training you to be Creative Directors some day." —Michael Stinson Tweet This Phonetics Whiskey Labels, an underrated technical as well as artistic challenge "Everyone likes to do logos but wordmarks are extremely challenging." —Michael Stinson Tweet This Chronicle Books Typography for Lawyers, great site for anyone, not just lawers "Designers these days don't like process. They want to jump to making it look good." —Michael Stinson Tweet This "If you get your process in place, you can design anything." —Michael Stinson Tweet This Michael is a former Aerospace Engineer; Prescott studied Mechanical Engineering Prescott — in spite of the hyphen in his last name — doesn’t like to use hyphens in his paragraph text "Imagine if you're reading War & Peace in all caps — how far would you get?" —Michael Stinson Tweet This Milton Glaser’s Bob Dylan poster Bob Dylan by Milton Glaser Michael was accepted to study Physics at Berkeley, but received scholarships in Art "The beauty of graphic design is that it works both sides of the brain." —Michael Stinson Tweet This Additive & Subtractive Colours Lithographic printing Calculus Ramp Creative is 2 principals and 1 designer "If you follow the right words the path will take you to the promised land of the visuals." —Michael Stinson Tweet This Different methodologies — layer cake vs. pay-as-you-go Lots of Jewish families in New York City worked in the garment industry "You're an actor, you're a leader, you're an entrepreneur, you're a psychologist, you're a therapist ... all at the same time." —Michael Stinson Tweet This Building Brands, a Step-By-Step Guide for Creative Pros to Develop Strategy and Design Identity — original eBook by Prescott Perez-Fox Building Brands eBook "You're not going to use a crescent wrench for a hammer. Right tool for the right job." —Michael Stinson Tweet This "Never stop noticing design." —Michael Stinson Tweet This The most stringest morning routine ever described on The Busy Creator Podcast was that of Michael Bierut Reading in The Brain by Stanislas Dehaene on Amazon The Intellectual Devotional by David Kidder & Noah Oppenheim on Amazon and on Audible "Type isn't all about the characters themselves, it's about the space they take up and the negative space that's left." —Michael Stinson Tweet This Michael defines himself as an introvert Douglas Davis, another educator to appear as a guest Cat Rose discussed creative introverts on The Busy Creator Podcast  Type Ed  MichaelStinson.com  RampCreative.com  Michael Stinson on Twitter  Michael Stinson on Facebook  Michael Stinson on Instagram  Michael Stinson on LinkedIn  Type Ed on Twitter  Type Ed on Facebook Tools InDesign Basecamp Harvest Techniques Use Tables in InDesign for grid-based layouts Build type hierarchy from the body copy up If you’re setting more than 35 words, don’t use All Caps, Italics, Centered Don’t be afraid to use hyphens, but with discipline. Don’t use more than 13 words on a line , or 7 words on a line Aim for 50-70 characters per line Don’t build websites in Photoshop — it’s not made for layout Habits Keep the reader in your mind. Think of them first. Always take clients through a verbal discovery phase first before visuals Give your print partners multiple files — flattened, outlined, original files, native links, etc. — make their lives easier Constantly observe and comment on design around you Try Audible.com Free for 30-Days Visit BusyCreatorBook.com for your free trial Get The Intellectual Devotional Modern Culture: Revive Your Mind by David Kidder & Noah Oppenheim as a free audiobook   
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