44 minutes | Dec 13th 2016

Going Hollywood, How Brittany Cormack Thrives as a Costume Designer Amid the Madness of Show Biz

Brittany Cormack is a costume designer for film and television. Following her training in fashion and dance, Brittany arrived in Los Angeles without a clue how to work in the movie business, but has since found her groove. She works primarily on independent films, commercials, and music videos, but every day is an adventure.  Work has taken her from frozen mountains to coastal swamps, and everywhere in between. In this conversation, we discover how movie sets work, what happens when everyone is freelance, and where to build habits even during crazy periods. Catch up with Brittany on her IMDB page or Portfolio. Subscribe to Get New Episodes     Subscribe to The Busy Creator Podcast on iTunes, on Google Play Music, on Android, on iHeart Sponsor Freedcamp, the finest free online project management software Bandwidth for The Busy Creator Podcast is provided by Freedcamp, Group Efforts Made Effortless. Freedcamp is best free online project management software available. By using the built-in functions and additional tools like time tracking, invoices, milestones, file storage, and more, teams can customise the software for the task at hand! The Busy Creator Podcast itself is managed and operated on Freedcamp. Get started for free on Freedcamp.com Show Notes & Links Gilmore Girls are back Brittany and Prescott went to college together, danced together Brittany is a costume designer for film & television The difference between costume and fashion is that fashion is meant to sell; costume helps build a character "Costume is the head-to-toe of a person" —Brittany Cormack Tweet This Costume should be part of the conception, not merely production Upstairs-downstairs, the term for important vs. non-important people Above-the-line/Below-the-line, terms in film (also advertising) to describe the most visible and important duties "Each set and each project has an energy of its own." —Brittany Cormack Tweet This "Every first day of shooting is like the first day of school." —Brittany Cormack Tweet This Caste System, even on a movie set On the set of Planet of The Apes, people will sit together based on their costumes Grips The Gig Economy "You have to be a little half-crazy to work in this industry." —Brittany Cormack Tweet This Grey’s Anatomy, currently in season 13 Contracts for short films or commercials are usually under 2 months "If you’re ever looking for work, just plan a vacation." —freelancers’ adage Tweet This The Hollywood Model, where a team is built for purpose, then disbanded Sandy Powell, costumer designer on Cinderella "In LA or New York, you can get anything if you have the money." —Brittany Cormack Tweet This Standard days of filming are 10-14 hours "I only want to tell stories that I feel matter." —Brittany Cormack Tweet This Aristotelian Logic (Logos, Ethos, Pathos) Lexiconical Gap in English for “happiness” in the context of a career (in Danish we have arbejdsglaede) People Magazine Investigates Long Island Serial Killer, 2011 "If you want to be a true collaborator, you’ve gotta be willing to be a team player." —Brittany Cormack Tweet This Scandal (a Union show) Non-Union people can’t touch the clothes Greensmen, Set Decorators, Painters — keep away from one another’s jobs! "If there’s a hat, you’re gonna wear it!" —Brittany Cormack Tweet This “Taking Meetings“, a common practice in Hollywood "You’re only as good as your last job." —Hollywood adage Tweet This Brittany uses Instagram strictly for work (no cats, no food!)  Brittany Cormack’s portfolio  Brittany Cormack on IMDB  Brittany Cormack on Facebook  Brittany Cormack on Instagram Tools Paper & Pencil Techniques Build a backstory for all your characters beyond what’s on the page Keep track of everyone who owes you money Call your “guy” when you’re in trouble Stay around people, be inspired by them (as well as books) Habits Keep a positive, collaborative attitude above all Use a billing software tool to track your invoices Document your work on social media to stay current Try Audible.com Free for 30-Days Visit BusyCreatorBook.com for your free trial Get Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes about the Stars and Legends of the Movies by Stephen Schochet as a free audiobook    SaveSave SaveSave
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