49 minutes | Jul 25th 2016

Everyday Productivity and Striving for Excellence After Losing All Sense of Sight, with Author & Entrepreneur Tanner Gers

Tanner Gers (@TannerGers) is an author, entrepreneur, and paralympic athlete. Blinded in a car crash at age 21, Tanner has learned entirely new methods of communication and working. In this conversation, Tanner discusses some of the technology — both lo- and hi-tech — he uses to experience the world in the absesnce of sight. We also share all-purpose productivity tips and examine his morning routines. Show Notes & Links Tanner describes himself as "Creative and Successful", hence the Creative Success Podcast "I get the most fulfilment from serving other people." —Tanner Gers Tweet This Tanner is a Paralympian sprinter Tanner is also a speaker, author, blogger, podcaster, producer, and coach  Todd Henry, and other writers, have been on the show previous (here, here, and here, for example) Tanner embarked on a "personal development journey" after being struck blind "I use Technology to do everything, and I'm so grateful for it." —Tanner Gers Tweet This ADD The importance of reading to your children Tanner turned to music (and dancing) in his new blindness. That turned to creative writing for lyrics, and other prose. "A picture's worth 1000 words. I was quite the talkative person; I would overcompensate for the lack of visual input." —Tanner Gers Tweet This Screen reading software, build into Mac OS X, iOS as "voiceover" Jaws, screenreader for Windows Ray Charles Blind people are remapping their senses via "sonar" Human Echolocation The British boy learning from "Bat Boy" Spark from CBC Radio Spark 268, the episode covering sight-aiding and other sensory technology "I'm very blessed to know what a 747 looks like, what a sunset looks like, what blue looks like." —Tanner Gers Tweet This Dan Greene, born blind now writes missile-guidance software for Raytheon Putting Your Pen to Paper, episode 5 of Creative Success show Braille — Grades I and II Tanner had a question about "Quest Ion" Morse Code Tanner took a sleep study; was disturbed 100x in 6 hours "Installing a daily routine will take your game to the next level." —Tanner Gers Tweet This "Education is what remains after you've forgotten everything you learned in school." —anonymous Tweet This Prescott studied Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics Laminar Flow Adiabatic Compression vs. Isothermal Expansion Thermal Expansion Valve (Refridgeration) "When you split the atom, energy escapes. When you switch tasks, attention escapes." —Prescott Perez-Fox Tweet This Amy Porterfield Hal Elrod (leader of "The Cult of 5:00am") Professional Rugby League in America  Creative Success Show  Tanner Gers on Twitter  Tanner Gers on Facebook  Tanner Gers on Instagram  Tanner Gers on LinkedIn  Tanner Gers on YouTube Tools Brainport, let's you "see" with your tongue Jaws Techniques Turn off technology when it's time to focus on content Develop a verbal memory so you don't have to re-read what you just wrote Sleep with earplugs if you wake easily due to noise Sleep with music at low volumes (like Prescott has done since 1999) Test different methods; don't blindly follow gurus Alternate hard days with lighters days regarding fitness training. Use those recovery days. Habits Stick to your daily routines Go through mental routines first thing in the morning (gratitude, etc.) before you get out of bed Serve someone else early in the day Read daily and track/remark on what you read Block your day into half-day chunks TRY AUDIBLE.COM FREE FOR 30-DAYS Visit BusyCreatorBook.com for your free trial Get The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod as a free audiobook
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