40 minutes | Mar 9, 2021

How To Tell Powerful Visual Stories Through Photos with John DeMato

John DeMato is a branded lifestyle portrait, virtual/live event photographer who collaborates with speakers, trainers, consultants and other expert-based business owners to create an emotional connection with their audiences through persuasive visual storytelling. John isn’t simply a photographer - he thinks like a marketer. He sets clients up for success beyond the photo sessions by educating them on how to best leverage their image content for every touchpoint across their online presence. A former television producer, John has over 20 years of production experience, and has been featured as a portrait photographer expert on several NBC Universal daytime shows. In this ‘Expert Interview’ – Phil talks to John about the mistakes he sees people make with their photography, the opportunities missed as a result and how practices can visually punctuate their patient stories and experiences. Highlights: “Photos visually punctuate the sentiment of every single story you want to tell.” ‘What we’re talking about here is an opportunity to merge the visual with the written word or the spoken word and bring them together to create a very impactful piece of content.” “Photos give you that quick zing, that pop and again, when paired correctly with the right type of story it really sends a lot of positive vibes.” “We need to capture these moments that matter.” There needs to be a real conscious effort at choosing the right photos that make sense with what you’re sharing with your audience.” Visit John’s website and subscribe to his blog – www.johndemato.com Find out more about how “Inner Circle” members are transforming their hearing care practice with the help of the Orange & Gray team: https://orange-gray.com/inner-circle/
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