23 minutes | Mar 15, 2021

How Philanthropy Can Support Systems-Change Leaders

The following is a conversation between Lija Farnham, a Partner at The Bridgespan Group and Co-author of the report "How Philanthropy Can Support Systems-Change Leaders," and Denver Frederick, the Host of The Business of Giving.

The COVID-19 pandemic has unmasked the inequitable design of many of society's systems. In fact, there may have been more discussion about systems change in the past year than there's been in the past decade. But what problems require a systems change approach? Who does the work, and how does that work get funded? These questions were addressed in a recent paper issued by The Bridgespan Group titled "How Philanthropy Can Support Systems-Change Leaders." And it's a pleasure to have with us one of its co-authors and a partner at The Bridgespan Group, Lija Farnham.

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