19 minutes | Jul 22nd 2019

012 - What do Aldi, Ryanair and Ikea have in common?

In this episode Mat shows us what a budget airline, supermarket and furniture producer have in common that have made them the game changes and giants in their industries.

In a ‘tip of the cap’ to the penny pinchers out there who get looked down on by some, todays episode shows clearly the power of a crystal clear and focussed business model.

So, if you’re in business and refuse to be average, if you want to create a legacy of innovation, integrity and achievement in every aspect of your life, this podcast is for you.

We all have an entrepreneurial streak in us and this episode is your opportunity to start flexing your Maverick muscles.

Links: https://go.mathewlock.com/rocking-the-ship-free-pdf-ebook