10 minutes | Jul 15th 2019

011 - Creating an innovation culture

In this episode Mat takes us on a journey to understanding what’s required to create an innovative culture. He does so by learning from some of the very best in the world and by dissecting their approach, step-by-step so that we can all benefit from it.

This really is a lesson in ‘how to’ and if you’re open minded to it, there is no reason why you can’t give this a go within your business. There are some who will say that they can’t do it for any number of reasons, and there are those mavericks out there who will find a way.

So, if you’re in business and refuse to be average, if you want to create a legacy of innovation, integrity and achievement in every aspect of your life, this podcast is for you.

We all have an entrepreneurial streak in us and this episode is your opportunity to start flexing your Maverick muscles.

Links: https://go.mathewlock.com/rocking-the-ship-free-pdf-ebook