17 minutes | Jul 1st 2019

009 - The Three Shackles

In this episode Mat walks you through the 3 Shackles; the things that hold most businesses back in terms of innovation.

As always, Mat starts with a look in the mirror and shows how we are all usually part of the problem (at some level) when we often believe we are part of the solution.

This episode can be transformational. It touches on the elements of Module 1 of Mat’s Masterclass and offers incredible insight for those who are willing and open minded.

So, if you’re in business and refuse to be average, if you want to create a legacy of innovation, integrity and achievement in every aspect of your life, this podcast is for you.

We all have an entrepreneurial streak in us and this episode is your opportunity to start flexing your Maverick muscles.

Links: https://go.mathewlock.com/rocking-the-ship-free-pdf-ebook