12 minutes | Jun 24th 2019

008 - Bureaucracy, Barriers and BS

In this episode Mat talks about the three things that turn him off in business. The things that sabotage most businesses potential and unwittingly cause many to fail.

As the title of this episode suggests; these are bureaucracy, barriers and BS. Nearly every business suffers one or more of these from time to time or, maybe they are an ingrained part of the culture already.

What’s important is that they are not tolerated. They must be stamped out and, this means leading by example, regardless of your rank in the hierarchy.

So, if you’re in business and refuse to be average, if you want to create a legacy of innovation, integrity and achievement in every aspect of your life, this podcast is for you.

We all have an entrepreneurial streak in us and this episode is your opportunity to start flexing your Maverick muscles.

Links: https://go.mathewlock.com/rocking-the-ship-free-pdf-ebook