39 minutes | Mar 29, 2021

Female Startup to Multi Million Dollar International Business with Iris Smit

Iris Smit is a WA Beauty Entrepreneur and a female business success story. After identifying a problem with women's makeup, she created a product from scratch from home and scaled the business into a multi million dollar international enterprise - The Quick Flick.Iris is awesome and shares some real answers and insight into the process in an open, honest and inspiring manner. If you are a business owner looking to scale your business or someone who needs some motivation to take the next step, do not miss this one.Her revolutionary vision to redesign the way consumers applied winged eyeliner, led Iris to feature on Shark Tank just three months after the brands launch, and subsequently turning down a $300,000 offer. We also chat about external influences that can sometimes deter you from personal and business growth, as Iris points out - ' Alot of people have great dreams but where they fall short is worrying too much about what others think. This is the biggest killer of dreams'Another awesome opportunity to listen to a successful business owner, willing to share their journey and help your business growth.Thanks for joining us, don't forget to subscribe online and follow us @businessgrowthau
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