19 minutes | Jan 12th 2021

Reducing Risk from Business Interruptions using Insurance

It's important to have contingency plans as part of your risk management strategy. What plans do you have in place, right now, to deal with scenarios where your business isn't able to function for a period of time? From there, it is then essential to think about how your insurance can help you make these contingency plans happen.Dave Ferris, from DavelCorp Insurance Brokers, looks at business interruption insurance and how it works. Many people don't really think about this kind of insurance, until an event happens and they want to make a claim. Dave is the Senior Client Broker & Division Head (Enterprise Division) at DavelCorp Insurance Brokers. He has diverse insurance industry experience spanning over 35 years, that has included roles in Risk Management, General Insurance underwriting, Facultative reinsurance, Underwriting Agency Management and Insurance Broking.Dave's qualifications and experience well equip him to add significant value to his clients as a risk consulting insurance broker with a proven track record in tailoring unique risk transfer solutions for larger clients, groups and associations.https://www.riskybusiness.com.au/https://pretiumsolutions.com.au/how-we-help/http://www.thebusinessbehindyourbusiness.com/Connect with us on our socials:Facebook     LinkedIn     Twitter     Instagram
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