17 minutes | Mar 2nd 2021

How We Do It Here! Why having systems is essential for every business.

When processes and procedures aren’t documented…Most likely a customer’s issue won’t be handled correctlyCustomer service won’t meet customer expectationsErrors will be madeHow much time is wasted by other employees learning how to do someone else's job (badly) on the fly?How much of their own work do they not get done while they are covering for someone else? Paul Sweeney from Pretium Solutions Chartered Accountants and Certified Business Advisors explores the reasons why all businesses, no matter how small or big need to havesystems and strategies in place for all employees.Typically, most Small and Medium Business organisations do not have a clear set of policies and procedures that cover the major areas of the business. The important outcomes for your business from getting this right are:Improved productivityImproved qualityImproved customer satisfactionIncrease profit and revenueReduced risk of legal liabilityThe complete Small Business Cloud Management System. MAUS Cloud software includes an ‘all-in-one’ suite of cloud-based business apps which can be fully customized to be unique to your individual business.  MAUS Business Planning & HR PackOnly $97/month - Save over 50%https://pretiumsolutions.com.au/https://thebusinessbehindyourbusiness.com/Connect with Paul Sweeney onLinkedInTwitter
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