30 minutes | Jun 3rd 2015

The Truth About Podcasting as a Business Model: with Jordan Harbinger

https://youtu.be/zA_glgtBNHw Jordan and A.J Harbinger started the Art of Charm podcast over five years ago as a hobby. They never intended for it to become a business, rank in the top 50 of iTunes, or turn into over 400 episodes. The Art of Charm has seen guests such as Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Neil Strauss, and many others on the show. In this interview, Jordan Harbinger discusses how the podcasting landscape has changed since 2008. Were going to answer some questions as... How is podcasting a business model? Is podcasting the right business model for you? How do you monetize it? Where do you start? How do you get into, and stay into the top 50 iTunes podcasts when there are over 300,000 podcasts live on iTunes? Be the first to get new podcast interviews with successful startup founders: *********** [optin_box style=2 alignment=center email_field=email email_default=Enter your email address integration_type=mailchimp double_optin=Y list=4c9533f6b8 name_default=Enter your first name name_required=Y][optin_box_field name=headline]Get Podcast Interviews Straight to Your Inbox, 100% Free[/optin_box_field][optin_box_field name=paragraph]PHA+TGVhcm4gZnJvbSBzb21lb25lIGVsc2XigJlzIG1pc3Rha2UsIG5vdCB5b3VyczwvcD4K[/optin_box_field][optin_box_field name=privacy]We love your privacy and would never spam you[/optin_box_field][optin_box_field name=top_color]undefined[/optin_box_field][optin_box_button type=0 button_below=Y]Gimme[/optin_box_button] [/optin_box] *********** Question: What is the biggest takeaway/inspiration you took away from this interview with Nick? Post your answer in the comments below.
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