11 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

Meme Stock Mania: AMC’s Meteoric Rise and a Huge Red Flag

My oldest son moved back to Kansas when the rest of my family loaded up for Florida.He has a great job and is starting a family.Lately, when I talk to him, our conversations center around one thing: stocks.He’s always asking for my advice on things he reads on the internet.“Meme” stocks … specifically AMC Entertainment Holdings (NYSE: AMC) … came up in our latest chat.These are stocks that see a sudden rise in price fueled by social media attention and not on the company’s performance.He is like any investor — looking for ways to increase his income through the stock market.After reading what social media did to a company’s stock like GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME), he was drawn in to the hype.Full disclosure: I do own shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings.In this episode of The Bull & The Bear, I examine some of these meme stocks and tell you whether they are ones to invest in.Be sure to also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like my weekly Marijuana Market Update.Have something you want us to talk about? Email thebullandthebear@moneyandmarkets.com and give us your thoughts.Check out moneyandmarkets.com, and sign up for our free newsletters that deliver you the most important and unbiased financial news, commentary, and actionable advice.Also, follow us on:FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
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