38 minutes | Jan 24, 2020

Ep #068 - Get Unlimited Content Marketing Ideas w/ Melanie Deziel

Are you struggling to come up with good content marketing ideas?  Trying to figure this whole content marketing thing out? Not sure where to start? My guest today is Melanie Deziel and she has a super simple framework for helping anyone come up with a limitless supply of content ideas. Even better, she helps you pick the right ones based on your message, your strengths as a communicator, and the publishing mediums available to you. Her experience as a journalist turned brand story teller took her from Huffington Post to the New York Times to Time Inc, where she developed branded content programs for these major publishers. She coaches brands, marketers and startups on how to create better content marketing ideas. And now she's sharing her framework with us so we can create better brand stories to connect with our customers. The Takeaway I really like her Focus and Format starting point. And her idea of a Content Language. Let's face it, we all have our strengths, and learning to embrace those and pour fuel…dare I say Content Fuel…on them to drive real growth takes guts. But she's right, and she's not the only expert saying exactly that. Double down on the things that work for you, and maintain a minimum viable presence elsewhere. For more ideas and links to connect with Melanie, check the show notes at tylerbenedict.com/podcast and click on this episode. Want to learn more Content Strategy? If you want to master content marketing strategy and learn how to create and execute a complete strategy, and come meet and learn from Melanie in person, join us both at Peak Content Summit in Asheville, North Carolina. Get the full speaker list and more details at PeakContentSummit.com.
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