51 minutes | Oct 26, 2018

Ep #057 - Women leadership, family business, marketing & more w/ Santini SMS

This episode discusses two important things any entrepreneur should know. First, how to use sponsorships to grow your brand and sales. Second, and much more important, is how to lead.  Santini is an Italian, family run premium cycling apparel company doing north of $30 million in annual sales. Started more than 60 years ago by her father, Monica Santini now runs the company her younger sister heading the marketing department. Together, they've grown through strategic sponsorship alliances and by cultivating their retail network. In this episode we discuss how they make those deals work for them, then transition into some of the challenges and benefits of being a female leader. Here's the important part: Her advice will help any leader foster a world class work environment that attracts and retains the best employees. Full this show's notes: https://wp.me/p8iNgs-k5 For all show notes, links and images, check out TheBuildCycle.com/Podcast Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Overcast FM, or wherever you listen to podcasts and leave a review and rating! And let me know who you'd like to hear interviewed...just message me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
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