57 minutes | Sep 17, 2018

Ep #055 - How to Build a Consumer Direct Brand w/ Fezzari Bike's Chris Washburn

More and more entrepreneurs, myself included, are launching with a direct-to-consumer business model, and for good reason. It’s never been easier.  But just because you can start easily, doesn’t mean running and scaling that business will be easy. Today, I’m talking with Fezzari Bikes founder Chris Washburn about how they’re selling high ticket items, sight unseen, by building trust with customers, plus how they deal with inventory forecasting, production, and all the other things you might not be thinking about when you’re just focused on launching your company. Chris shares how they set their pricing, which is a tricky subject when you’re competing against established brands with a strong retail presence, and many more of the challenges and lessons he’s learned in 12 years of building a business. If you’re running a direct to consumer company, this episode is for you! For full show notes, links and images, check out this show's post at TheBuildCycle.com/Podcast Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Overcast FM, or wherever you listen to podcasts and leave a review and rating! And let me know who you'd like to hear interviewed...just message me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
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