34 minutes | Dec 25th 2020

A Live Glitch (Part 2) 🤩

Wait, what happened there? Are we back? Is this the apocalypse? In part two of the first-ever live The Last Post - recorded in front of an audience of loyal Posters - Alice Fraser was joined by flapjack lumberjack Alison Spittle, tech bajillionaire Josh Gondelman, and time scientist Matt Kirshen.As dragons circle the land, octopus people emerge from the seas, and sleepers from history return in our time of greatest need, our guests try to steady themselves long enough to report on the end of days. If you missed part one, jump back and listen to episode 357 and this one will probably make even less sense.This is a Bugle Podcasts production. 📯This episode was produced by Ped Hunter and Chris Skinner.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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