16 minutes | Dec 18th 2020

353 Constitution news 📜

Come see us LIVE on 20th December: http://thebuglepodcast.com/#LiveJohn Luke-Roberts, the recently rediscovered royal and disgraced ex-Home Secretary, joins Alice Fraser to discuss the unwritten British constitution. This means everyone needs to walk around remembering it at all times - on their constitution constitutional, if you will. Listen in for some exciting news regarding its future, courtesy of Queen Elizabeth II.For more fun and japes from JLR, listen to episodes 258 (Podcast news), 269 (Tropical Island news) and 273 (Psychedelic news).This is a Bugle Podcasts production. 📯This episode was produced by Ped Hunter and Chris Skinner.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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