59 minutes | Mar 7th 2016

BucsBrief Podcast Episode Seventy Six

  Pre-Free Agency Frenzy - I break down the Doug Martin situation and my opinions on why the Bucs should make it their top priority to re-sign him based on actual data.  In this episode you'll also hear - Bucs salary cap space and what it means - Logan Mankins retirement - Most Bucs free agent signings haven't worked out - Players who may be let go to free up more cap space - Bucs biggest position needs - Free Agents who may be able to add something to the team that doesn't already exist - What will the team do at RB if Doug Martin leaves? - Drafting players and keeping the productive ones - Offensive line situation with Mankins' retirement Follow us on Twitter @BucsBrief Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BucsBriefPodcast Check out everything at bucsbrief.com
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