81 minutes | Dec 29th 2015

BucsBrief Podcast Episode Seventy

Scott Reynolds of PewterReport.com (@PewterReport) joined to talk about his latest articles, including his most recent titled It's Time For Bucs To Move On From Smith.  On this episode, we also discuss - Bucs have dropped three straight - It's not just on the defense - Dirk Koetter's offense hasn't been scoring points at home lately - Are we allowed to critique Winston for his poor performances? - Verner penalty didn't cost the Bucs the game -- the 3rd quarter turnovers did - What I didn't like from the Bears game - What I did like from the Bears game - Bucs can't take the ball away - Preview of the Panthers game - Beating Carolina would change EVERYTHING - Preview of our season awards - It's time for #BucsBingo Thank you so much for the support! Follow us on Twitter @BucsBrief Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BucsBriefPodcast Check out everything at bucsbrief.com
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